Wichita Rutherford is the Road King

Wichita Rutherford on the cover of Road King magazineRoad King magazine has honored our friend Wichita Rutherford this month by putting his picture on the cover of their magazine. Yes, they had a good reason for putting him on the cover. Wichita, it seems, if very popular with the long-haul, over the road truckers who have discovered him since he hit the satellite radio market back in 2005.

For their cover story this month the Road King magazine crew had decided to do an article about bidding on big rigs at auction sales. They needed an auctioneer, and in stepped Wichita. Who knew? Guitar player, podcaster, DJ, pool cleaner, and now auctioneer, is there no end to this guys talent?

You can read a short profile about Wichita on the Road King website, and you can visit Wichita’s blog to watch his video podcast of the cover photo shoot.

Some people have criticized Wichita for spreading beyond the known borders of the bluegrass world, but he has this to say about that:

I want to educate people about bluegrass, get them interested in it ‚Äî no matter what kind of music they like, where they’re from or what their background or age is. Bluegrass is for everybody.

Well said my friend, well said.