Why I Love Christmas

This post is a contribution from Cindy Baucom. Cindy hosts the syndicated radio show Knee Deep In Bluegrass. She is also the IBMA 2005 Bluegrass Broadcaster of the Year.

When I think about some of my happiest memories, Christmas-time always comes to mind. I was raised in the northwest corner of North Carolina in Ashe County. We always had a real tree. Snow was abundant there, too. At Christmas, we could always count on gathering at Grandma’s to enjoy, not only her great cooking, but each other, as well.

I loved the Christmas I got my first cassette recorder with a plug-in mic…and I wore it out recording interviews with my family members, and live music. Yes. There was always music around the house, but especially at Christmas-time. My dad would play guitar and we would sing. Much of our time around the holidays we spent at Church preparing for the annual Christmas play. That was always such a special time. And waiting on Santa….my brothers and I would try to stay awake as long as we could. We would always manage to get up really, really early the check under the Christmas tree. One year I spent Christmas in bed with the mumps! But the Christmas I want to focus on and share with you, is Christmas 1970.

I was five years old and my brother, Jimmy, was seven. Our parents, in the middle of the afternoon, told us Santa had been there early. Sure enough, there were our presents under the tree. He got a “Ken” doll and I got “PJ” (Barbie’s Best Friend!) We had just started to play, when they loaded us into the car with our new toys to head to the hospital. We weren’t really sure at that point what was going on. But a few hours later, our little brother, Chris, was born. He will be 35 this coming Christmas Day. He and I share a love of music…swap CDs and share musical ideas.

Every Christmas is special, because of another special baby coming into the world…our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I thank God for the gift of salvation. Christmas means a lot to me. I love to see my own children, Houston, Molly and Hunter, as they open their gifts. I love to bake Christmas cookies with them and decorate the house. Terry and I have such a good time during the Holidays, when he has some time off. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas with my family and friends. I hope your Christmas this year will bring many special memories, too.