What makes us different?

This post is a contribution from world renowned podcast celebrity Wichita Rutherford. Be sure to visit his site 5MinutesWithWichita.com to listen to his weekly podcast featuring interviews with bluegrass stars.

Wichita RutherfordWhy are we different? I don”t mean as humans from apes or one celled animals. Why are we, “Bluegrass people”, different from everybody else? You know who you are. And I know who you are, the very minute I meet you. And you know me too. We don”t have a secret handshake. Or do we? There are no code words. Or are there? When you meet somebody you shake their hand and you hold on just a nano-second longer. You look them in the eyes, hoping to see “it” as you shake. You may ask yourself “Does this person love the dobro? I wonder if he cries when he hears “The Fields Have Turned Brown.” Is he mad because Sonny messed up his rotator cuff”? When you get that gut feeling as well as that knowing stare back into your eyes you almost expect them to say “I wish Blue Highway would do another Gospel album too.” Oh the unspoken kinship that runs rampant among “us”. What is it you ask? It”s the Bluegrass way.

Your pal,