Weary Angel coming soon from Cadillac Sky

Cadillac Sky performing at Cumberland Caverns for the Bluegrass Underground show - photo from www.bluegrassunderground.comCadillac Sky is putting the finishing touches on a new CD, an EP release called The Weary Angel. It will include four tracks featuring the C-Sky boys and a couple of guest artists.

Two of the songs are C-Sky remakes of pop hits (I Will Follow You Into The Dark and Video Killed The Radio Star) and the others are two versions of the title track, a new song from the band’s mandolinist and lead vocalist, Bryan Simpson. A video has also been created for I Will Follow You Into The Dark, shot by Roger Pistole, who did the band’s video for Born Lonesome.

Bryan fills us in on how the new mini-release came to be…

Cadillac Sky - The Weary HeartThe Weary Angel will bridge the gap between our last full length release and a new project we hope to start working on in the fall. But the EP was necessary to satisfy our creative itch and to leave an artifact of who the band is right now – which is far different than the one that recorded Gravity’s Our Enemy… far different. The live show has evolved into new creative territory, and due to the great work God is performing in our group we are very inspired musicians – musically, spiritually – which is definitely making for some great honest conversation between the groups which blows the door open on the depth a band can go to musically…..the EP will be a quick peek behind that creative curtain

But the EP and the new video were never the plan. We actually did a show in the Cumberland Caverns (Bluegrass Underground) and, just the whole day – sound check and everything – was very emotional for us. Maybe it was where we were spiritually as a band when we played it but something was going on for sure. Coupled with the fact we had been wanting to put some more recent stuff on YouTube, we thought we would just shoot a live performance of us playing a song that we had been playing in our live shows (I Will follow…) that people seemed to dig next time we were around The Cumberland Caverns. So we did. But when we got in there it just seemed like we should do it all for real. So that very night around 10pm after Roger finished shooting the band in the cave playing it live, with one camera btw, we decided to go record the song in the studio – thought the song and the video deserved it. So in order to get our bearings, we went to downtown Nashville and had some sushi, then at midnight (to our engineer’s dismay) we started recording. We got in there and decided we wanted to record a few more things…and the EP was born.”

The Weary Heart will be a self-produced project, offered for sale from the band directly at shows, from their web site and on iTunes and other digital audio distributors. It marks their first recording since leaving the Skaggs Family Records stable after two successful projects there, and Simpson is grateful for the experience.

“At the end of 2008, it became very clear that Skaggs Family and Cadillac Sky were headed in two different directions. We are a better band, not to mention better men, for our time spent under Ricky’s tutelage.”

We’ll post again when more details about the EP and video release is available.

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