Vote bluegrass!

There’s a new talent show on the BBC called Upstaged which involves contestants performing for 6 hours inside a glass box – you can see the details at

The contest started yesterday and last night’s winners were a bluegrass act called The Carrivick Sisters from Devon, South West England. The sisters are only 18 yet play mandolin, guitar, fiddle and dobro to a high standard and they hope their time on this show will promote bluegrass music to a wider audience.

As current champions, the sisters must perform for another 6 hours today. There are two ways you can help. You can go online to the Upstaged website between 3.45pm and 9.45pm GMT and vote for them (you can vote as many times as you like), or if you’re in the Bristol, England area you can join the girls for a jam inside the box. The event is being staged at the Millennium Square in central Bristol. Anybody up for a pick will be made very welcome!

Please help if you can – this is a chance to ensure real talent wins one of these reality TV shows!