Van Heffer clip on YouTube

van heffer

We just got a note from our buddy, Wichita Rutherford, alerting us to the fact that a clip from the VanHeffer movie could be viewed on YouTube.

The movie, Van Heffer – a Bluegrass tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, was chosen as a fan favorite at The Nashville Film Festival this year and has become a cult favorite underground DVD. Wichita swears it can be found on every tour bus from The Del McCoury Band to Dierks Bentley, Metallica, 50 Cent, Kanye West and Tom Petty – and that Tommy Lee made 3 references to Van Heffer on his reality TV show, Tommy Goes to College.

According to Wichita:

“The 3 minute clip on YouTube features some of the giants of bluegrass, Doc Watson, Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush as well as country music’s Vince Gill. The soundtrack album, Van Heffer – a Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, is selling like there’s no tomorrow. It’s an iTunes exclusive.”

The CD is a set of bluegrass covers of Ozzy Osborne songs, and features performances from Andy Hall, Tim May and Kyle Wood, plus a duet by Ronnie McCoury and jazz sensation Cyndi Wheeler. It was produced by Scott Rouse, who has been quite prolific in bluegrass circles of late, most recently producing Blue Highway’s stellar Marbletown CD.

We asked Wichita if we would ever see the Van Heffer CD in stores.

“We’d love to have it in stores, we’re just waiting for a label to ask us.”

For now, you can sample the audio or buy the CD for download on iTunes.