Tyler Collins all healed up

In November 2016 we reported that the boys in the Darrell Webb Band had experienced a serious auto crash in route to a number of performances in Florida. Unfortunately, the accident left reso player Tyler Collins hospitalized in Jacksonville for a few days with back injuries among other ailments.

Today we’re happy to report that he has been cleared by his doctors and is enjoying good health once again. I had the opportunity to catch up with him just yesterday. Tyler had this to say: “I’m excited to finally get back to a normal life again and not have to worry about how much I pick up or worry about sitting a certain way. And it’s great to finally get back to pickin’ and being on the festival circuit again!”

Tyler also conveyed how much he appreciated all those who have reached out to him throughout his recovery. “I’m extremely blessed to have such a loving family and amazing friends to help get me through such a hard time,” he said, “but most importantly my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Be sure to catch Tyler and the rest of the fellas soon in concert at a venue near you. Make sure to wish Tyler well. He’s a good one! For more information on the Darrell Webb Band visit www.darrellwebbband.com.

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