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Corrina Rose LogstonOne of the more agreeable aspects of the rush in accessibility of video recording equipment has been the ability to document audio recording sessions in video form. Some artists will capture such images for use in later music videos, or record mini-interviews in the studio.

In a more limited number of cases, you’ll find an entire studio session recorded on video. This is a bit cumbersome unless the musicians track live as a group, but when they do it can serve as an excellent testament of what occurred in the studio, something that few fans have a chance to witness.

Young Nashville artist Corrina Rose Logston is applying this very principle to her new songs, recording live in a single room, and putting it all down on video as the audio is tracked. Working in Richard Smith’s Tunesmith Studio has led her to dub these recordings the Tunesmith Sessions, and the first completed piece is now available online.

The Veil Has Been Lifted is one of Corrina’s songs, a Gospel number with an old time flavor. Assisting in the studio are her husband, Jeremy Stephens, on guitar and harmony vocal, Casey Campbell on mandolin, P.J. George on bass, and Kevin Buchanan on drums.

Her voice has a unique quality that’s hard to peg, and it suits this lovely waltz perfectly.


Corrina has loose plans to combine the songs she is tracking this way into an album or EP at some point, but her energies are currently concentrated on recording her new songs, and preparing for the release of her upcoming fiddle album on the Patuxent Music label.

She tells us that the fiddle album allows her to accentuate a different part of her musical personality.

“Musically, it is sort of on the other side of the spectrum of these videos I’m releasing; it is what I would consider straight-up, traditional-vein bluegrass fiddle, with a lot of good obscure and seldom-played tunes on it pulled from a variety of sources. I wrote two of the tunes. I’m only singing on two tracks and the rest are instrumentals, which is a big difference from about every other solo record I’ve ever done.”

The same band as in the video accompanied Logston on the fiddle album, but without the drums, and with Kurt Stephenson on banjo. It was also recorded live in one room, and she was delighted to have David McLaughlin play mandolin on a couple of tracks.

No release date or title yet, but it’s bound to be a good’n, as all the Patuxent projects tend to be.

Keep up with Corrina and her music online.

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