Tracking with The Rigneys and Dark Shadow Recording: Day 4

Producer Stephen Mougin is working in the studio with The Rigneys for their next album this week. Being a harsh taskmaster, he has also prevailed upon the band members (Mom, Dad, and two sons) to record some of their impressions during the process. This fourth installment of their tracking diary comes again from Melissa Rigney, the band’s bass player and doting mom.

Grant Rigney's fiddle resting at Dark Shadow RecordingWe were out of bed at six and in Nashville ready to start at 9:00 a.m. on Something Old Something New. We started with Mojo adding another rhythm track with his favorite 1968 D-28 Martin. This filled the song out and we were pleased with the groove. We layered on the breaks and vocals and checked the eighth song off the list.

Next up is a song written by Rick Lang, Sow a Little Love. It has a tremendous message and we wanted to make sure the words of the song received the right focus. Mark used a hand-crafted wooden banjo mute Ned Luberecki gave him that provided an interesting sound that worked well. We had not initially planned to put fiddle on this track, but after everything was recorded it just seemed to need it. Grant came up with some fiddle work that provided the movement that took the song to another level.

Big Mojo, little Mojo: Stephen and Sammy Mougin at the board tracking with The RigneysWe had a guest engineer in the studio today. Sammy Mougin, assisted his Dad at the board. He is a natural and had a good appreciation for all the buttons.

The tools of the trade used today included Andy’s Chris Bozung guitar, Grant’s Silakowski fiddle and Flatiron Mandolin, Mark’s Huber Lexington Banjo, and my 1964 Kay. We also use the exceptional Blue Chip Picks and brand new D’Adaario strings on everything.

Check back next week for sessions five and six.

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