Tracking with The Rigneys and Dark Shadow Recording: Day 3

Producer Stephen Mougin is working in the studio with The Rigneys for their next album this week. Being a harsh taskmaster, he has also prevailed upon the band members (Mom, Dad, and two sons) to record some of their impressions during the process. This third installment of their tracking diary comes from Grant Rigney, the band’s 15 year old fiddler and mandolinist.

Grant Rigney tracking with The Rigneys at Dark Shadow RecordingBluegrass Band, one of Andy’s originals, kicked off our third day in the studio. After spending some time on the song, we found the rocking groove we were looking for! It definitely got our day started off fast.

This was useful because we started the day somewhat tired. Mojo had been on the road, Mom had been out of town the past few days taking care of her Mother following a wreck, and the previous day had been packed full for the rest of the group. Trying to put your head in the right place to track is made easier when you are playing a song you are excited about. “Ah Muffin,” I believe is what Mojo loves to say if we complain!

And, sometimes you just have to know when to move on to the next song. This is what happened with Something Old, Something New. We played it together for about thirty minutes, and decided that it didn’t have the feel we were looking for. We came up with the solution that required a guitar we didn’t have with us so we will save it for tomorrow and move on to Bring Him Home. After a few runs we found the cut we loved! We proceeded to work on it, fixing small blemishes here and there until it was perfect.

The excitement of the studio life! Stephen Mougin at the board while Mark Rigney scans his computer during tracking sessions for The Rigneys.Now for vocals to finish the day! We changed some lyrics on Bluegrass Band at the last minute, rehearsed harmony and just had fun! This one is a hard-driving little tune about life in a bluegrass band so you can imagine some of the lyrics.

Overall, it has been another solid day in the studio with The Rigneys and Dark Shadow Recording. Who says “musicians have an easy job?” We’ve got to pack up the stuff and hit the road.

Hey, I think those are words right out of Bluegrass Band! Catch you tomorrow, Lord willing.