Track Premiere: Miss Charlotte’s Game from Sideline

More new music today – this time from Sideline!

Mountain Home Music Company is offering our readers an advance listen to their new single for these Carolina grassers, which officially releases on April 23. It’s an original song from mandolinist Zack Arnold called Miss Charlotte’s Game.

Guitarist and founding member Skip Cherryholmes says that this track represents an important milestone for he and the guys.

Miss Charlotte’s Game is the very first band original for Sideline. When Gibby [Zack Arnold] went out with us on his first trip, we sat up late talking and singing, and he played this lonesome love ballad for us. Fast-forward to a band rehearsal several months later — I was playing my clawhammer banjo and he walked in singing that song again. We put a little edge on it and everything started to fall into place: the aggressive Sideline sound seemed to just flow from it, and it became one of our favorite, new, hard-driving pieces! The harmony structure is haunting, and the blend of old-time and new drive give it a very unique flavor.”

The song tells of jealousy and heartbreak, the oldest story in the world, which Arnold wrote with Tyler Thompson. He sings it as well, saying that the arrangement only really gelled when the rest of the band got their hands on it.

“I originally brought it to the guys in the band with a completely different idea for the melody, but when we started working it up, it went in a completely different direction, and that was exactly what the song needed.”

Here ’tis…

In addition to Skip and Zack, the track features the regular members of Sideline – Steve Dilling on banjo, Jason Moore on bass, Jamie Harper on fiddle, and Jacob Greer on guitar.

Miss Charlotte’s Game will be available tomorrow, April 23, wherever you stream or download music online. Radio programmers can get the track now via AirPlay Direct.

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