Tony Rice memorial request

We had posted last month about the tragic death of Chris Scott, son of Tony and Pam Rice, in a terrible motorcycle accident on August 17.

After receiving dozens of requests concerning memorial donations, Tony and Pam have asked that anyone wishing to honor their son’s life should please offer support the work of an organization they hold dear.

“We have designated the ‘Play It Forward!’ project, developed by the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, as our choice for anyone wishing to make contributions in Chris’ memory. We believe it is the best of all possible ways to plant the seeds necessary for bluegrass music to grow and thrive.”

They suggest that fans and friends support the Foundation by picking up a copy of the Fanning The Fire DVD, produced by Bluegrass Heritage. It follows Lucas White, a young Texas picker, from his early fascination with bluegrass through his first major festival performance over a three year span. The Foundation has a special mission to spur teens and pre-teens to become involved in playing bluegrass, and Lucas is their star pupil.

The Rices are now grieving the second of their sons to have passed at a young age, having lost Roman in 2001. They see Lucas as a very special young man, and Tony asks that people support the Foundation and their work.

“We so admire the Play It Forward! project, Fanning The Fire, and all that is being done by the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation to get instruments into the hands of kids who might not otherwise be given the opportunity, support, and motivation to learn to play them. Young Lucas White is dearer to us, especially in our time of loss, than we could ever express in mere words.

Both our sons loved bluegrass music with all their hearts, and both played guitar. If Roman and Chris could have made a choice ahead of time, as a way to be remembered, we believe they would have asked us to do it this way, so they could help provide kids with the same opportunities they had while they were growing up. I hope that any of my fans who can afford to purchase this video will do so, in their memory.”

Foundation President Alan Tompkins is grateful and touched by their message.

“To think about what Tony and Pamela must be going through is more than I can imagine. I was deeply moved to think that they would consider what the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation has done to be worthy of a memorial for their son.”

The DVD is available for a $15 donation to Bluegrass Heritage Foundation online.