Tony Rice feature in Fretboard Journal

Fretboard Journal #5Scheduled to hit the store shelves by the end of next week, the latest issue of Fretboard Journal has a cover story about Tony Rice and the famous Clarence White D-28 he plays.

This is a major article, coming in at 18 pages in length. The focus is on the instrument, with Rice giving an in-depth account of his history with the guitar, as well as improvements and work that has been done on it. In keeping with the standards of the magazine, the story is replete with with high quality, new, close up photos of the guitar, and of Tony himself.

The story also features current details about the instrument’s setup that should be of interest to guitar fanatics everywhere.

We also took relevant measurements of the guitar’s string height, neck width and string spacing as it stood two months ago.

In addition to the Rice article, this issue also has a feature story about:

the rise-and-fall of Gurian Guitars, as penned by luthier Rick Davis. We received many seldom seen shots of the Gurian factory and output from Michael Gurian himself. We also have a lengthy interview with Stefan Sobell about his mandolin (and guitar) production.

I’m told there’s also a photo essay of Rick Shubb’s psychadelic posters from the ’60s, an interview with Taj Mahal, guitar builder Bill Nash, telecaster legend Bill Kirchen, and a whole bunch of other facinating stuff.

This magazine is really top notch with some of the finest photos and graphics you’re likely to see in print. It’s something you’ll leave out on the coffee table as a work of art. You can subscribe online at the Fretboard Journal website.