Todd Taylor – 3-FIVE-N CD REVIEW by Gracie Muldoon



Todd Taylor – 3-Five-N

by Gracie Muldoon


Fresh off the presses, this new release by Todd Taylor Banjoman ~ Extraordinaire – has already garnered the famous, ultimate picker 7 Grammy Nominees! I heard the title track for the first time last week – and all I could do is shake my head. How does he do that?
3-Five-N has got all the hot licks you can stand, amazing arrangements, and pure banjo ecstacy, that righteously highlights the amazing talent of lifetime picker. Todd Taylor.

Little Bessie, El Cumbanchero, even Rocket Man and Orange Blossom Special, all will blow you away, hard! This man is a banjo machine, not a man, nothing human could move that fast with fire at the fingertips. I was amazed and it will amaze you as well, to know that Todd Taylor, has been ‘touring’ and pickin’ since he was a child – six years old, when his mother bought him his first banjo from JC Penney – (what a return on her investment!) and when in his youth, played and studied with folks such as Carl Story, Bill Monroe, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, Sheb Wooley, and others that makes his resume look like – quite a starlit career… and the well deserved accolades keep on coming with his latest project.

Nominated in the past for 2004 and 2005, looks like 2006 is going to be another amazing year for Todd, with 3-Five-N nominated for seven Grammys. It will be hard for you to “Pick a favorite” tune from this super hot disc – but what would be even better, is not try to. Just put the disc in the player – and sit back and be amazed. I’m still not down off the clouds – from hearing this amazing man pour his heart out in each lick, each pick, of the note of each song, because they are just too marvelous for words.

Included on the project from Pirate Records Palm Bay, Florida, is:

1. 3-Five-N
2. Little Bessie (with solid vocals by Steve Thorpe)
3. Rueben
4. Bayou Bottle Blues
5, Miners’ Night Out (impressive!)
6, El Cumbachero (Si, Senor! Hot Banjo and Mando!)
7. Rocket Man (Yep, the Elton John tune, this one will freak you out its soo cool!)
8. Prairie Song (Again, Steve Thorpe on vocals)
9. The Ballad of Osceola
10. Gold Rush (solid gold)
11. Orange Blossom Special (You’ve never heard this song like this!)

Only fault I got to this entire CD.. I want one more song! However, I had my moneys’ worth after hearing the first tune – for sure! Eleven of the most impressive banjo pickin’ you’ll ever remember from anyone. Promise! Gotta get this one for yourself – it has to be heard to be believed

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