Tim Hensley in People Magazine

Tim Hensley - Long MondayOn May 16, 2008, People Magazine will release it’s second of four specially themed Country Issues this year. The issue will include at least one bluegrass artist.

Tim Hensley will be featured as one of the artists You Should Know About in the mag. The feature will include an interview article with Hensley, a review of his CD Long Monday, and a special download promotion offered to readers of People Magazine.

This is great news for Tim and for bluegrass. Through the distribution of People Magazine, many readers will be introduced to the music. Many of us can tell our own “conversion” stories about being introduced to one artist and following a trail that led to the discovery of an entire genre we had never before listened to. At least that’s how it happened for me.

I’m optimistic that Tim will gain many new fans later this month, and lead them on a journey of discovery to a whole new world where the grass is blue.