Tim Graves: Prodigal Son

Tim Graves: Prodigal SonProdigal Son is the new release from Tim Graves & Cherokee. The CD takes its name from the fifth track on the disc, a tune penned by Daryl Mosley (who also wrote the liner notes).

If you are a fan of strait up bluegrass, this CD should sit well in your ears. From the opening notes of Used To Be to the last lick in Ruby Ann, this CD is bluegrass through and through.

Tim Graves is not only an accomplished dobro player, but also a talented singer, and he proves it on this CD. Tim is joined by his band which includes Bennie Boling on bass and bass vocals, Daniel Grindstaff on banjo and baritone vocals, and Joe Miller on guitar and tenor vocals. Steve Thomas contributes fiddle and mandolin parts to the recording in addition to the band.

Their are several traditional numbers like Used To Be, Sunny Side Of The Mountian, and Will You Be Loving Another Man. These are well done and enjoyable, paying tribute to the traditional bluegrass sound. A Jerry Reed number that’s done bluegrass style contributes some variety to the mix. The real gems here though are the original tunes.

One that particularly caught my ear was the gospel tune Hell, Fire and Brimstone. Written by Bennie Boling, this gospel song tells the story of a man who is a “disciple of the King James, but a prisoner to Jim Beam.” It’s just one of several gospel songs that grace this recording.

The Tom T. Hall contribution is a tune called I’m Not Living Life, It’s Living Me. This may be one of the better Tom T. Hall tracks I’ve heard on recent bluegrass CDs.

On all the tracks Tim’s smooth lead vocal is front and center leading the listener on a musical journey you’ll be glad you took.

The CD is available now directly from the band’s website. No audio clips are available at this time, but Tim tells me they’ll be up soon.