Thursday at the 2018 Yee Haw Music Fest

The Yee Haw Music Fest 2018 stage show kicked off Thursday afternoon under the steady hand of MC Jo Odom. Local band, Scattered Grass, opened the show and celebrated their 15th anniversary. All four of the band members can sing lead, so they provide a broad range of good bluegrass music.

Remington Ryde came in from snowy Pennsylvania to do their show. A great portion of their current show honors the late James King.

Monroe Crossing has become one of the favorites at Yee Haw. They give the audience a crazy, mixed up, fun bluegrass show. They are on board for two days.

Radio personality Greg Bird opened the evening show with a number of classic country tunes.

Sideline closed the days show with their high energy, top notch show. Former Grasscat, Bailey Coe, has joined the band and is an excellent singer and musician.

Friday brings Donna Ulisse, Larry Stephenson, the Cleverlys, and Monroe Crossing to the Yee Haw stage.