The Toolbox from Jason Barie

Billy Blue Records has a new single from fiddlin’ Jason Barie, also known on his recorded projects as The Ramblin’ Fiddler. We see him mostly these days performing with Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, but Jason is a recording artist in his own right, and becoming quite well known as a violin luthier as well.

For this third single from his most recent album, Radioactive, we get to experience Barie’s musical talents in a new way, as he steps up to sing the lead vocals for the first time.

The song is a Dennis Duff number called The Toolbox, which Jason says really hit him hard when he initially encountered it.

“The first time I heard this song, it was sung by Bradley Walker. I was in my car running some errands while off the road and home for a few days. I didn’t even make it halfway through the song when I started to tear up. I nearly had to pull off the road.

The subject of the song being that of your Dad’s tools and him passing them on to you, and the knowledge of how to use those tools, hit me square in the chest. I chose this song to sing because of the very reason in how much I can relate to the words.

When I hear the song it makes me think of my Dad, the time we spent together working on various projects, and him passing on some of his tools to me as I was starting my collection. But it’s not just a subject of dads and sons, this can also relate to any relationship where you learn and carry on the knowledge bestowed on you by a friend or loved one. I hope that you think of those people as you listen to my version of The Toolbox.”

In addition to sharing his vocals skills on The Toolbox, Barie plays the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass on the track, with banjo supplied by Jesse Baker, and harmony vocals from Michael Rogers and Adam MacIntosh.

It’ll tug a bit at your heartstrings if you can see yourself in this song.

Have a listen…

The Toolbox, and the full Radioactive album, is available from popular download and streaming services online. Audio CDs can be purchased directly from the artist.

Radio programmers will find all the tracks at AirPlay Direct.

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