The Largest Gospel Bluegrass Singing in the Country

The largest gospel bluegrass singing in the country is coming to Spartanburg, SC on May 25th & 26th of 2007. This singing is unique in the fact that the groups will be singing 80% gospel & 20% secular. This is totally opposite of the normal festival. The lineup is as best as it gets–Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Primitive Quartet, Paul Williams & Victory Trio, The Rochesters, Smoky Mountain Boys, IIIrd Tyme Out, Barry Scott & 2nd Wind, and Many More.

The Foothills Gospel Bluegrass Singing could be the start of great things to come for  Bluegrass Gospel. This needs to be a huge success for bluegrass gospel to pick up momentum, and to follow the lead of bluegrass music. Bluegrass music has been growing in the last 10 years, and it is time that we expand the differences in bluegrass music ( as country, rock, & pop have done over the years) and reach  a broader range of bluegrass fans. Many bluegrass fans will not patronize some of the modern festivals, because of the atmosphere that is contrary to the lifestyle they may live. They may love Buegrass music, but not the way some of the artist or fans, may would act at certain festivals. There is another world of bluegrasss fans, that a event like the Foothills Gospel Bluegrass Singing can please and gain support from. Please come and support a event like this one, for the furthance of bluegrass gospel music to continue. To find out more about this event go to