The Isaacs invited to join the Grand Ole Opry

The Isaacs invited to join the Grand Ole Opry – photo © Grand Ole Opry / Photo by Chris Hollo

During last night’s Tuesday Night Opry show at the Opry House in Nashville, Ricky Skaggs extended an invitation to The Isaacs to become members of the Grand Ole Opry.

The family Gospel/bluegrass band was on the show to celebrate the release of their latest record, The American Face, when Skaggs joined them on stage, purportedly to present them with a plaque from The Opry.

As he began reading the text on the plaque he said, “Presented to The Isaacs on August 10, 2021 to commemorate the release of the new album The American Face…” at which point he paused, and then continued, “and to celebrate your invitation to become official members of the Grand Ole Opry.”

After a few rounds of shock and surprise, Ricky asked again, “Do you say yes?”

Sonya was then quick to respond. “Yes, of course we will marry you!”

Her mom Lily then said, “I’m crying my lashes off. I’m celebrating 50 years of singing and performing music. This is the American dream.” Ben followed his mom, saying, “I’m shaking so bad I can hardly talk, but I’m crying my lashes off too.”

Becky got the last word with, “We will take the Opry everywhere we go, and hope to make them proud,” after which they launched into the title track from the new record.

You can watch the live invitation scene in this video.

The Isaacs have been performing together since 1971, when Lily and her husband, Joe, launched as a bluegrass band. Over time they went from a part time weekend group, taking care of three young children at home, to full time entertainers, with Sonya, Becky, and Ben joining their parents on stage as soon as they were old enough. Joe left following his divorce from Lily in 1998, and these days the focus is on Sonya and her delightful voice, with their trademark family harmony.

At present, The Isaacs play less bluegrass Gospel and more acoustic or positive country with a Christian core. But you can still feel the grass in everything they do.

Congratulations to The Isaacs, the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry.

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