I spoke to many International members at IBMA.  With the exception of one person, they all reported having a favorable response to both Rhonda’s and Country Currents songs.  No surprise there though since both were extremely well received by the audience at the Opry and Rhonda’s song having the longest standing ovation I can remember.  Strange because the way they’re telling it now on the IBMA list, International members were dismayed, offended, hurt, etc. with no mention of the favorable opinion of the audience.

I have spoken to many folks, mostly every day Americans about this controversy both in and out of the bg world.  All are pissed about what happened.  The IBMA is thinking about dropping the National Anthem for next year’s Award Show so as not to offend the International members.  I understand the concept and they apparently don’t get they’ll offend the majority of the bg audience.  WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY THINKING?