The Flood of 2010 video from Thomm Jutz

Mountain Home Music has released a single, and an evocative music video, by Thomm Jutz from his upcoming project, To Live In Two Worlds, Vol 2.

It’s a song that will stir emotions for everyone who lives, works, or regularly visits Nashville. The Flood of 2010 tells the story of the 1000 year deluge that occurred in middle Tennessee this time ten years ago. It brought the Cumberland River way over its banks, flooding large portions of Nashville, including much of the region near downtown where musicians worked and stored gear for tours.

The disaster made international news, with heartrending photographs shared worldwide. Devastation was widespread, with The Opry House being filled with water, and the Gibson acoustic shop being inundated beyond the possibility of repair. Many Nashvillians lost their homes, or suffered severe damage from water that sat in them for days.

Thomm shared some personal memories from that time.

“I was playing guitar for Nanci Griffith in 2010. We were stuck in an airport hotel in Oakland when the flood ravaged Music City — no flights were going in or out of Nashville. I was anxiously watching the news from my hotel room, given that our house is less than two miles from Percy Priest Lake, but luckily our home was spared. My old friend and co-writer, Charley Stefl, picked me up a couple of days after I finally made it back home and we went to the West Side of town to help some people knock out rotted drywall. It was the right thing to do. The streets were lined with debris, thousands of people showed up and helped complete strangers — we’d never seen anything like it.”

In the accompanying music video, we hear Jutz’s song overlayed with some memorable photos from May of 2010.

Mountain Home has released the single in two versions, one the full band arrangement heard above, and the other a more intimate, singer/songwriter take with just Thomm and his guitar.

The Flood of 2010 is available as a single now wherever you stream or download music online. Radio programmers can find both cuts at AirPlay Direct.

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