The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz have a NEW CD!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz

Yoo hoo . . . hey mister . . . new in town sailor . . . ? We suspect
most of you have heaved a collective sigh of relief in not having
received any other annoying announcements in about a week from The
Fabulous Bagasse Boyz. You may have thought that we had just faded
away like dust in the wind. You may have assumed that our parole
officers had finally caught up with us. You may have dreamed that
the fickle finger of fate had dealt us the ultimate blow and that you
and your in-box were finally safe . . .

nope . . .

Weeeerree baaaack . . . and we’re ready to take annoyance to a new
and unheard of level. While you thought we were back languishing
away in Cell Block D, we were really in the studio recording and
mixing and editing our new CD “You Can Dress `Em Up But You Can’t
Take `Em Nowhere.” This project leaps into untrod territory. We
boldly go where no other band has gone. We saw the opportunity to
make a completely idiotic and worthless statement and we decided that
we were just the guys to do it. Twenty songs of such variety and
expanse to encompass genres of music you never even imagined. Forty
tracks ( . . . what you say ” . . . forty tracks but only twenty
songs . . . how is that possible . . . what in the name of all thats
decent and right have they done . . . ), an hour and seventeen
minutes (we like to give folks their money’s worth) of frivolity and
mirth. And we even conned a couple of really good musicians in Doug
Anderson and Buz Sibley to sit in on a few songs ( . . .their
reputations are shot . . .). And on top of it all, The Fabulous
Bagasse Boyz have gone green in our packaging with Certified Green
Components: Certified 100% green forestry practices board, minimum
10% post-consumer recycled content and all vegetable inks in a six
panel wallet case.

You can acquire this new masterpiece in one of several ways ;

Come to see us at one of our shows and we’ll have a limited supply on
hand ( and when that limited supply is gone, we’ll go out to the car
and get another box of `limited supply”.
If you haven’t maxed out your credit cards bailing out some bank, you
can order one on-line from at
Or if you can’t wait just send us a check for $17.00 to:
The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz
P. O. Box 1419
Albany, LA 70711

and we’ll send you a fresh copy right to your door via U.
S. Mail

We’ve worked very hard on this and have cashed in all of our aluminum
cans to pay for it so please, please, please, pretty please with
sugar on top, for the love of humanity don’t make us beg you to buy
this. And don’t make us embarrass you by naming you publicly
( . . .Bruce . . .) for not buying one or more. And here is our
Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t like this CD, return it to us and
we will give serious consideration into giving you your money
back . . . we will seriously consider it, we really will . . .

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz
“Not ‘Yer Daddy’s Bluegrass . . .”