The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz are off to DISNEYWORLD

Well, the Bagasse Bus is packed and gassed up, the GPS is programed and we’re off to Epcot bright and early in the morning.   Pity the mouse . . .  We’re excited about playing for the 13th Annual Epcot Wind and Food Festival for four days.  We’ll try not to be too Goofy and we hope no one slips Willi a Micky.  We wanted to drive a Minnie van but we needed more room for us to Tinker around in.  Our spirits are soaring to Pluto and we hope to get some Ariel photos of the stage.  Fritz didn’t have time for a hair cut so he’ll be a Shaggy Dog while we’re there.  But the Lady’s will keep us from being Tramps and we’ll keep out thoughts Snow White pure.  We’ll let you all know how it went when we return.  Wish us luck.

Also, there are some new pictures by Linda McLellan from the Sugar Fest and the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair on the MySpace site at

And just a reminder, has a full stock of our new CD “You Can Dress ‘Em Up But You Can’t Take ‘Em Nowhere” now, so all of you that have been waiting, now is the time. lets us know when one of you buys a CD and more important, that let’s us know who hasn’t.  We really don’t want to humiliate you in public by naming names of who hasn’t bought on yet so now is your chance to avoid the embarrassment of us talking bad about you and your dog for not buying one.  Maybe if we mentioned a few towns that have not been represented in the sales department like Gray Lake, IL, Marion, IN, Seattle, WA, Redlands, CA, Indianapolis, IN, New Orleans, LA and many others. 

And thanks to all of you who have bought a copy (both of you).  They are available at

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz
“Not ‘Yer Daddy’s Bluegrass . . .”