The Darrell Brothers push the limits

Mountain Twerker - The Darrell BrothersThe limits of good taste, that is.

We’ve managed to survive the contentious weeks of bicycle chain hysteria, and kept bluegrass largely free of the twerking phenomenon re-ignited by a racy Miley Cyrus. *

But no… we can’t have nothin’ nice. The Darrell Brothers, a pair of Nashville grassers, have tied it all up for us in a nice little bow with their new single, Mountain Twerker. It tells the precious tale of their dear old granny who was shaking her hillbilly behind before today’s aficionados were even born.

Here’s a taste…


The single is available for sale now from iTunes and CD Baby. Radio hosts can grab it from Airplay Direct.

There are loose plans for a video, but the boys say they used up all their money coming to the city to record. We’ll pass long what we hear.

* Bonus question for fans of bluegrass trivia: In whose music video did a young Miley Cyrus make her first video appearance?

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  • Kevin Landon

    …the funniest part of that post is the suggestion that bluegrass DJs would use a service like Airplay Direct.

    • As per the president of Airplay Direct, bluegrass has been a very big part of their success. Airplay Direct has been quite popular with bluegrass radio folks, less so with Radio Submit.

    • Yes, most have entered the modern age of digital downloads. It is quick and cost-efficient.

    • Kevin Landon

      That’s great to hear! Back when I was more active in Bluegrass Radio, folks got FURIOUS when you suggested sending a digital file versus a hard-copy.

  • Derek

    Bonus Question answer: Rhonda Vincent, “If Heartaches Had Wings.”

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