The Cornell Daily Sun interviews Chris Thile

How To Grow A BandMandolin Cafe points us to an interesting interview with Chris Thile posted on the The Cornell Daily Sun website. The interview is a discussion with Chris about the struggles of a young musician, albeit with a great deal of experience, stretching and reaching trying to find his own unique voice.

Chris articulates quite nicely his quest to discover his place in the larger realm of the music world. He talks of his love for pop, orchestral, bluegrass, and other music styles, and expresses his frustration at realizing his own strengths and weakness.

Chris sings high praise for his new band, How to Grow a Band, saying that his true musical desires are wrapped up in participating in this kind of experience.

I think my heart is in being a part of a really amazing ensemble. And that’s what the How to Grow a Band is attempting to become.

It’s a good read, and if you’re a fan of Chris’ music you’re bound to enjoy reading his thoughts on these topics.