Bluegrass Today Awards Poll 2005 – Update

viewpointFriday Update – If you haven’t already voted in our unofficial awards poll, we encourage you do so. The poll will remain open until Thursday Oct. 27 at noon. Please be sure to vote before then. Here is some analysis of the current results.

Currently 53% of our registered users have voted.

Recorded Event of the Year is the category with the strongest leading nominee. Tribute to Jimmy Martin: “The King of Bluegrass” currently has 52% of the vote in that category with it’s closest competitor, 40 by Larry Sparks, comfortably behind it at 27%.

While several categories have strong leading nominees, the only other category with a statistically significant lead is Dobro Player of the Year, where Rob Ickes holds a 18 point lead over Jerry Douglas.

Endless Line by Tim Stafford holds a 11 point lead in the Instrumental Album of the Year category.

The Del McCoury classic Rain Please Go Away, performed by Alison Krauss & Union Station, currently holds an 11 point lead in Song of the Year.

The tightest category is Instrumental Group of the Year, where Blue Highway and Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder are currently tied evenly in the lead at 28% each.

The most interesting categories to me have been the Entertainer Of The Year and Emerging Artist Of The Year categories. The Cherryholmes family, who are newcomers to the IBMA awards, are making a strong showing and are currently leading both categories. This is a historic event as I don’t think an act has ever before been nominated for Emerging Artist and Entertainer in the same year. And I’m not sure anyone expected them to hold this strong in the Entertainer Of The Year category where they are maintaining a slender 2 point lead over The Del McCoury Band. In the Emerging Artist category their lead of 4 points, in front of The Grascals, is slightly stronger but in no way secure.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out in the actual IBMA awards.

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  • Patricia Curtis

    Enjoyed the IBMA fan voting. Could you please provide some information on how the nominees are chosen. I was somewhat surprised at the song by DL&Q for Gospel Performance. Great song, but I expected that to be an unknown. Would like to understand the record companies involvement. Thank you please much.

  • You need to update your article about the voting results. They have changed significantly!

  • Patricia – There are several rounds of ballots for the awards. In the first round the professional members of IBMA are allowed to make five nominations per category. In the second round the professional members are allowed to vote for five nominees in each category by choosing from among the ones nominated in the first round. In the third round it has been narrowed down to 5 nominees in each category and the professional members are allowed to vote for one in each category. You can find detailed information on the nomination and awards process on IBMA’s website.

    Shane – I know the results have changed! Thanks to all the loyal Doyle Lawson fans who have voted in the last couple of days. You may have noticed the first two words of the above post “Friday Update”. Each friday from now till October 27 I’ll be posting an update with analysis of the results. On friday October 28 the official results will be compared to our results and analyzed. So check back every friday for the update.