Thanks For the Blog!

Just a note to thank John and Brance for this fine Bluegrass Blog. Being a struggling banjo picker and sometimes photographer, I send John some images that I had taken at some festivals. I told him to use them as he wished, just give a photo credit. To my supprise today I went to the Blog and was looking at the Barry Abernathy article and I thought, “Man that thumbnail photo looks familiar.” Sure enough, John had used one of my pictures with the photo credit as promised! I feel a part of something special!

Thanks for using it John!

If you have the time here is a link to some more pictures that I have taken of late…..mostly of banjo pickers…..I am a little biased!



  • Hi Mark.

    You are most welcome – thank you for sending the photos!

    I had meant to shoot you a note to let you know it was appearing on the site, but…

    I’ll use the “pre-IBMA week freakout” excuse.