• Congratulations John and Kourtney

    Another beautiful summer bluegrass wedding! On June 29, John Meyer and Kourtney Teubel were married on Kourtney's family's farm near Peoria, IL, where she grew up. The weather cooperated and gave them a lovely day for an outdoor wedding. John is well

  • Mary Meyer video for War Against Silence

    Just when you think the talented Meyer family from Missouri has infiltrated every corner of bluegrass music, we see this new video of Mary Meyer produced by Corey Smith and War Against Silence to prove there's even more to this musical

  • The Meyerband

    Stop me if you've heard this one before... A talented group of siblings dedicate their youth to bluegrass music and attract attention for their skill and depth of understanding while still in their teens. Meyerband, previously know as Meyer Bluegrass Band,

  • Meyerband releases first CD

    You may known them as The Meyer Family, Meyer Bluegrass Band, or perhaps simply as The Meyers. Either way, these four talented young siblings now officially branded as Meyerband are among the most closely-watched up-and-comers in bluegrass music. Early notice came in

  • Big doin’s at Silver Dollar City

    Our friend D.A. Calloway, entertainment manager with Silver Dollar City, shared some information about the winners of their KSMU Youth In Bluegrass Band Contest, held annually during the park's big Bluegrass & BBQ festival. The festival is unique in that it

  • Bluegrass siblings at HoustonFest

    Jordan Laney wrote earlier this week about the youth focus of last weekend's HoustonFest in Galax, VA. Here is some video proof of why it's important to support and nourish young grassers. This video shows 3 sets of teen bluegrass siblings

  • The Meyers at IBMA

    World of Bluegrass each year is full of surprises. Usually they're mostly positive, though you do occasionally hear of a stolen instrument or a piece of lost luggage among the regular attendees. This year the surprises we encountered were all good,

  • The Meyers at SPBGMA

    We found a video of 2013 SPBGMA International Bluegrass Band Championship, The Meyer Bluegrass Band, performing one of the songs that led to them taking the trophy on Sunday afternoon. The Missouri band consists of siblings John Meyer on banjo, David