• No more Deadly Gentlemen

    The Deadly Gentlemen, Boston's bad boy newgrass band, has announced that they are hanging it up. Original members had been peeling away this past year or so, and the remaining members have been working on outside projects. The Gentlemen were known as

  • Stash Wyslouch to mix bluegrass and metal

    Boston's Stash Wyslouch has announced plans to record his first solo album of original material, which he says will combine his twin passions for bluegrass and heavy metal music. Stash has been prominent in the bluegrass world this past few years as

  • One Song Romance – Michael Barnett

    Modern American string music, in the folk rather than classical tradition, has a number of hot spots around the country. The lure of commercial work brings a good many talented young practitioners to Nashville, where they often band together or

  • Deadly Gentlemen on The Gondola Sessions

    When you hear of a web music series called The Gondola Sessions, does your mind go to old Venice with a striped shirted gondolier serenading his charges through the canals? If so, you'd be dead wrong. This show comes from Aspen,

  • Adam Chaffins to Deadly Gentlemen

    The Deadly Gentlemen have announced that Adam Chaffins has joined the band on bass, replacing founding member Sam Grisman who is relocating from the Boston area to Nashville. He will also be helping out with vocals in the band. Adam is

  • Roll Me, Tumble Me – The Deadly Gentlemen

    The Deadly Gentlemen’s third release Roll Me, Tumble Me is out this summer from Rounder Records. The Boston-based group has a rootsy, folk influenced acoustic sound using traditional bluegrass instrumentation, but the music is harder to describe. More progressive than traditional... hipster