Bored Of The Raging video from The Deadly Gentlemen

Roll Me Tumble Me - The Deadly GentlemenRounder has released a debut music video from their new album for The Deadly Gentlemen, Roll Me Tumble Me.

The song is Bored Of The Raging, a band original. It’s a perfect example of their unique hybrid sound, using the instruments and techniques of the bluegrass band to perform original music with a modern pop sensibility.

You can see all the Deadly gents in the video: Greg Liszt on banjo, Stash Wyslouch on guitar, Mike Barnett on fiddle, Dominick Leslie on mandolin, and Samson Grisman on bass.


A review of Roll Me Tumble Me will be forthcoming.

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  • Darren Sullivan-Koch

    Wow. Sorta like late-era King Wilkie but not as good.

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  • grasser

    I’m sure they will find an audience somewhere.

    • Jon Weisberger

      Given how busy the guys are, I’d say they’ve already done that.

      • Dennis Jones

        I count maybe 25? gigs in 5 months. How will they ever maintain a tour schedule like that? That’s 50-60 shows a year.

        • Jon Weisberger

          Oddly enough, that’s exactly how many gigs the LRB has in that same time period. They’re doing pretty well for a band that’s only a couple of years old (and was essentially a side project for most of its members for a good chunk of that time) – and the kind of gigs they’re booking aren’t the once-a-year-a-year-in-advance kind that are typical of the mainstream bluegrass festival circuit, so that 25 for the remainder of the year could easily turn into 30 or 40 before it’s all over. They’re a good, hard-working bunch of young fellas (most are in their early 20s), and you don’t have to like their music to see that they’ve already had some success and are likely headed for more.

          • Darren Sullivan-Koch

            Did you write the notes for the record?

  • Jon Weisberger

    Nope. Not that I expect anyone but me to be paying attention, but I have been pretty much out of the liner note writing business for years -not that it would make any difference if I had written them for this project, as doing so gives me zero financial stake in the success of a release anyhow. Nor do I care whether anyone likes the Deadly Gentlemen’s music or not, which is why I didn’t reply to your comment. What I replied to was the suggestion that the group’s meandering around looking for an audience they have yet to find. The fact is that they’ve got more of an audience already than a great many groups covered by Bluegrass Today.

    • Darren Sullivan-Koch

      Good to know! With digital music as the prime delivery vector for many of us, I have no idea who writes notes for anything any more. I wish labels would post them on their websites so those of us who get the mp3s could refer to them…but that’s another can of fish.

  • I love these guys. Deadly Gentlemen is a vehicle for Greg Liszt. He writes all the material, and his banjo holds everything together.

    He started the band to do a sort of hip hop thing with banjo and fiddle, and it has evolved into this pop/bluegrass hybrid.

    Nobody has to like it, but we should at least meet the music on its own terms.

    • Darren Sullivan-Koch

      I think my description above is an apt one, but that’s just my opinion! I’m sure I’ll see them live at some point.

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