• New album coming from Richard Bennett

    Lonesome Day Records has announced that a new recording from guitarist/vocalist Richard Bennett will be forthcoming in 2014. The label had released his Last Train From Poor Valley album during the summer of 2012, a project that had been cut

  • New album from Richard Bennett

    Richard Bennett left a powerful mark on bluegrass music in the 1990s as lead vocalist and guitarist with J.D. Crowe & The New South. His strong rhythm and lead guitar, distinctive vocal style and crisp songwriting were a hallmark of

  • Rigsby, Leadbetter and Bennett

    Just recently we told you about a short upcoming concert/workshop tour that Richard Bennett and Phil Leadbetter are doing together. Now Phil has contacted us with some exciting news about that pairing, and where it's leading. As we noted in

  • Leadbetter and Bennett

    Some guys are always busy. Never content to be doing just one thing, Uncle Phil Leadbetter is one of those busy people. He currently performs as a member of the award winning band Grasstowne, but Uncle Phil has decided to fill up