• Bluegrass and acoustic music from CMA on WSM

    WSM radio in Nashville will be broadcasting live this weekend from CMA Fest 2010. They will carry all of the live performances from the Durango Boots Acoustic Corner Stage at the Nashville Convention Center, starting this morning (6/10) at 11:00

  • Blue Moon Rising in the studio

    Chris West sent a video shout-out from the studio where he and his newly-reassembled Blue Moon Rising are hard at work on their next CD, due on Rural Rhythm later this year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvnvCWB2J5Y

  • Randy Kohrs – hometown hero

    Randy Kohrs is heading home next weekend, but not for a vacation with his family. He's heading to Des Moines, IA to lead the band for the annual telethon put on by Variety, the Children’s Charity, March 6 and 7. The

  • $30,000 from The MACC to St. Jude

    Shortly after the conclusion of this past weekend's SPBGMA convention in Nashville, The Grascals headed for Memphis with Randy Kohrs in tow. But it wasn't for a show; they were on a mission of mercy. Their destination was the the St.

  • Aaron Ramsey solo project

    Aaron Ramsey, the newest, youngest and most deep-voiced member of Mountain Heart, is finishing up his second solo CD. His debut, self-titled album was released in 2006 when Aaron was 20 years old, and current plans are to have the

  • Mic placement tips from Randy Kohrs

    For those interested in the process of recording bluegrass music, mic choice  and placement is an important key. Grammy Award winning producer and IBMA winning dobro player, Randy Kohrs recently recorded a short how-to video for Royer Labs on this

  • Randy Kohrs: Quicksand

    The new CD from Randy Kohrs landed in my inbox a couple weeks ago, but I just found the time to listen to it recently. What a treat I had been denying myself! Randy and team have hit it out of

  • Missy Werner – Drifting and Dreaming

    Another of the many CDs that have crossed the threshold this month comes from Ohioan Missy Werner. I wasn't familiar with her music prior to receiving this copy of Drifting and Dreaming, but when I saw that Dwight McCall had