• Round Feet, Chrome Smile – Ragged Union

    Festival favorites Ragged Union have acquired a stellar reputation courtesy of ongoing appearances throughout the US and as far afield as China and the UK. Three albums on, they've reaped recognition on both celestial and satellite radio, while making their

  • Lazy Ol’ Daddy from Ragged Union

    Boulder, CO's Ragged Union has seen some changes in recent years. What was founded in 2013 as a hard-charging bluegrass band has evolved over the years into a string trio that plays grass as well as more Americana style acoustic

  • Christina Union stepping away from Ragged Union

    Ragged Union has been performing all across the US from their base in Colorado for many years now. Their vibe is original, contemporary bluegrass, largely written within the band, buoyed by the lead vocals of Geoff and Christina Union. The husband-and-wife

  • Ragged Union does Old Blighty

    Geoff Union, guitarist and fearless leader of Colorado's Ragged Union, offers this report from their current tour of Great Britain. We’ve made it to roughly the halfway point of our 2 week tour - here’s a little update on how things

  • Ragged Union touring in the UK

    Colorado's Ragged Union is in London, kicking off a two-week tour in the UK that will take them to Liverpool, Leeds, Lancaster, and Whitby. Along the way they'll have shows for the British Bluegrass Music association in Tamworth, and perform US-style bluegrass

  • Ragged Union does Zeppelin

    Is the entire catalog of late '60s and 1970s rock music being converted to bluegrass? The Hillbenders have recut Tommy as a bluegrass opry, and Town Mountain has a Grateful Dead tribute EP coming out next month. And now there's this

  • Hard Row To Hoe from Ragged Union

    Colorado's Ragged Union is set to release their debut album, Hard Row To Hoe, on June 1. The band is based around the songs and the singing of Geoff and Christina Union, who found their way to the outskirts of Denver from