• Triple banjos on PHC

    Here's video of Bill Evans, Noam Pikelny and Joe Newberry's triple banjo version of Arkansas Traveler from last Saturday's edition of A Prairie Home Companion.   There are some further audio clips from the show, including an Earl Scruggs medley, on the

  • Banjo… banjo… banjo on Prairie Home Companion

    A Prairie Home Companion will on this week's radio show be presenting three individually distinctive banjo players; Bill Evans, educator, composer and author; the progressive Noam Pikelny; and innovative old-time picker Joe Newberry.  Also on the show are traditional county music

  • Second place for Jack and Molly Tuttle

    Jack and Molly Tuttle picked up second place Saturday evening in the Duet Contest hosted during last weekend's broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion, and Molly sent along these remembrances of her day in Minnesota. Playing on A Prairie Home Companion

  • Photos from Bill Monroe tribute on PHC

    Kathy Chiavola has posted a number of candid photos from this past Saturday's Bill Monroe tribute broadcast on A Prairie Home Companion. The show featured a number of stellar bluegrass artists, most of them former Blue Grass Boys. Kathy was on

  • Tumbling Bones – Risk Not Your Soul

    I've worked this past few years with Peter Winne in his capacity as a publicist with Rebel Records. And like most folks who work in the bluegrass business, Pete is also a musician. It is as an independent artist that

  • Rhonda at Prairie Home Companion

    Rhonda Vincent shared a big batch of photos from her recent appearance on A Prairie Home Companion. She and The Rage performed on the show this past Saturday (2/12) from Bemidji, MN. Her entourage snapped photos before, during and after the

  • Rhonda Vincent on Prairie Home Companion

    Rhonda Vincent & The Rage will be guests on this weekend's edition of A Prairie Home Companion, which airs live tonight (2/12) from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (EST). The show is carried on almost 600 public radio stations in the US, with some