• John Goad covers Galax

    John Goad has shown himself recently to be a very clever fellow. Earlier this week, we posted a video of him performing his tongue-in-cheek composition, The Facebook Song, during last week's Galax Old Fiddler's Convention bluegrass band competition. Today, we have John's

  • The Facebook Song at Galax

    John Goad is a student at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, working on a dual major in History and Bluegrass Music. He will also be one of our correspondents and reviewers when we relaunch the site in September. While

  • Amps get the boot at Galax 2010

    We reported last year about a fracas at the venerable Old Fiddlers Convention, which has been held in Galax, VA since 1935. The issue arose regarding the use of an electric bass with a small amplifier in the campground jams,

  • Update on the electric bass follies at Galax

    Here's an update on story about the electric bass ban in the campground at Galax which we posted yesterday. Officials at the 2009 Old Fiddler's Convention shut down jams on Monday night which included an electric bass (and amplifier) in response

  • Galax 2008 winners

    The winners of the 73rd annual Old Fiddler's Convention in Galax, VA have been posted online. Bands and pickers come each year from far and wide to enjoy the fellowship and jamming, and take a shot at carrying off a Galax

  • YouTube clips of Kids On Bluegrass

    Regular readers of Bluegrass Today know that we always like to highlight the efforts of young bluegrass musicians - and the people who assist them in learning to play. We have a number of stories we would like to share

  • Galax photos online

    Dean Hoffmeyer - banjo playing photographer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch - has posted a very nice multi-media slide show of images from the 72nd Annual Galax Old Fiddlers Convention on the Times-Dispatch web site. The photos are splendid and truly capture