• Jake Schepps Quintet – Entwined

    As sure a sign as any that bluegrass has reached a level of real maturity and acceptance as a contemporary art form is the number of cross genre projects that have been produced of late. Ryan Cavanaugh on banjo with Bill

  • Jake Schepps & Expedition to premiere new piece

    Colorado banjoist Jake Schepps will be premiering another new classical composition scored for a bluegrass group (banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, bass) on December 6 at the eTown Hall in Boulder, CO. It's part of a series of four pieces he's commissioned,

  • Schepps’ Quintet debuts Flatiron this weekend

    Saturday, December 1, marks the debut of Flatiron, a new musical piece by Marc Mellits. It is a modern classical work written for traditional string band instrumentation, and will be performed by Jake Schepps & the Expedition Quintent on December 1 at

  • Exposed Zipper – Expedition Quartet

    Jake Schepps and his Expedition Quartet have been making waves with their non-traditional approach to both classical and string band music. As a progressive banjoist, Schepps has the experience of annoying bluegrassers by recording and performing the music of Béla Bartok,

  • Winter Harvest – Matt Flinner Trio

    While the phrase “du jour” may be familiar to coffee house goers and soup connoisseurs, it may be one that much of the bluegrass world encounters only rarely, especially where their music is concerned. However, there is at least one

  • Winter Harvest from Matt Flinner Trio

    I first became aware of Matt Flinner when I was living in Missoula, Montana in the early nineties. One night, after a beer-powered folk duet performance with a buddy, we made our way over to the Wilma Theater to see

  • A new Bela in the banjo world

    Actually a much older one... Banjoist Jake Schepps is in the studio recording his stringband arrangements of 20th century composer Bela Bartok's music. He will include pieces from the Mikrokosmos, Music for Children, Romanian Folk Dance #1, and 6 of the

  • Mando workshop to benefit Butch Baldassari

    We've posted repeatedly here about Butch Baldassari, his ongoing health concerns as he battles a pernicious cancer, and the many opportunities that have been presented to come to his and his family's aid. Here's another... This weekend, the Musical Heritage Center of