• Maria With A J – Marija Droze

    Born in Lithuania and married to singer/songwriter Billy Droze, Marija Droze has assimilated well into the realms of roots and bluegrass. Granted, as the title of her new album for RBR Entertainment, Maria With a J, makes clear, there's still

  • The Night We Fell video from Marija Droze

    RBR Entertainment has a music video for Marija Droze and her current single, The Night We Fell, taken from her upcoming debut project with the label. In addition to being a compelling vocalist, the Lithuanian-born Marija (pronounced Maria) is married to

  • Billy and Marija Droze each drop new singles

    Nashville-based bluegrass singers and songwriters Billy and Marija Droze, husband and wife in real life, have each dropped new singles this week on the independent RBR Entertainment label. Though the pair frequently write together, and sing on each other's recordings, they

  • Ghost Of Your Memory from Marija Droze

    RBR Entertainment has released another single from Marija Droze, following up on the chart success she enjoyed with her previous track, Listen To Your Heart, last year. The Lithuanian-born songstress brings her own interpretation to the bluegrass sound that she

  • Welcome Mayla Droze!

    It's a veritable explosion of bluegrass babies in Nashville! Now the honor goes to Marija and Billy Droze, a pair of contemporary bluegrass singers and songwriters who are celebrating a new arrival. Mayla Carmen Droze was born earlier today in Nashville, the

  • Listen To Your Heart from Marija Droze

    With bluegrass becoming more and more an international phenomenon year over year, it's not surprising to see non-US artists popping up in the mainstream bluegrass radio market. For Marija Droze, growing up in a small town in Lithuania, bluegrass wasn't really on