• Good Thing Gone Wrong from Kenny & Amanda Smith

    New music today from husband-and-wife grassers Kenny & Amanda Smith. For the two decades these two have been performing together, they have consistently chosen excellent material to record, and done so with artistry and virtuosity. Kenny has enjoyed a long career

  • All I Need – Kenny & Amanda Smith

    Kenny and Amanda Smith have been one of bluegrass music's most beloved duos since their debut release, Slowly But Surely, in 2001. It's very easy to see why. Not only does the couple have undeniable personal and musical chemistry, but they've always

  • All I Need from Kenny & Amanda Smith

    Kenny & Amanda Smith have a new single to share, All I Need, the second from their upcoming album for which it is the title track. This talented husband-and-wife duo has been entertaining bluegrass lovers for two decades, ever since Kenny

  • With You – Kenny & Amanda Smith

    One of bluegrass music’s favorite couples is Kenny and Amanda Smith. The two have been making music together now for going on two decades, and they’ve racked up an impressive slate of IBMA and SPBGMA nominations and awards over the

  • Kenny & Amanda Smith are toast!

    Made you look! Kenny and Amanda sent along this photo of them enjoying a toast at Cracker Barrel in Nashville after appearing on WSM Radio’s Coffee, Country & Cody morning program. They were celebrating the success of their latest album, Unbound, which has

  • Unbound – Kenny & Amanda Smith

    In the late 1940s through the '50s, a style of American jazz music emerged that came to be know as cool jazz, characterized by more restrained and subtle soloing, and less hectic arrangements than the be-bop era that had preceded

  • Thursday photos from MACC

    The 2016 Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) festival is taking place this week at the Hoover Y Park in Columbus, OH. Darrel and Phyllis Adkins’ annual event is held in memory of their daughter, Mandy Adkins, who passed away from an inoperable

  • New music from Kenny & Amanda

    There are few things more eagerly anticipated around the Bluegrass Today offices than a new recording from Kenny & Amanda Smith. This husband-and-wife duo has created a sound unlike any other in bluegrass and acoustic music, set off by Kenny's