• The Old Friends Are Back!

    One of my favorite releases of the past several years has been Old Friends Get Together from J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, and Paul Williams. The successful album served as a de facto tribute to the Gospel music of Jimmy Martin, as all

  • Lance LeRoy’s moving sale

    How much memorabilia would a prominent bluegrass promoter and talent agent accumulate in a lifetime? If you live near Nashville you have a chance to find out this week when Lance LeRoy holds a moving sale. LeRoy is the founder of

  • Hank Williams III talks Jimmy Martin

    The rebel grandson of the great, Hank Williams, Hank Williams III (Hank 3) is one of the most unique artists touring today. While he loves country music, he's not afraid to push the envelope with hardcore rock music. "Country is

  • Bobby Osborne and Jimmy Martin

    Here's the fourth installment in Bobby Osborne's set of video reminiscences which he calls Road To The Opry. We pick up the story in the early 1950s. Bobby was playing with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, and Larry Richardson had decided to

  • Cheers! in the bluegrass style

    Today is St. Patrick's Day, and whether you prefer a green beer or a Shamrock Shake (like myself), you have to appreciate some good drinking songs on one of the year's biggest days for alcohol consumption. Because the number of bluegrass