• My Name Is Jimmy Martin

    If you don't recognize the name Ray Edwards, you probably will his music. His song Hard Rock Mountain Prison ('Til I Die) was a hit for IIIrd Tyme Out, as was Over In The Promised Land for Lou Reid & Carolina. Ray

  • I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky #103

    From October 1, 2010 through to the end of September 2011, we will, each day, celebrate the life of Bill Monroe by sharing information about him and those people who are associated with his life and music career. This information

  • More bluegrass health concerns

    We heard from Larry Stephenson last night with news of another bluegrass legend experiencing a health problem over the weekend. This time, it isn't a pioneering performer, but a master of making things work behind-the-scenes. Larry tells us that Lance Leroy,

  • Jimmy Martin in outer space?

    Here's an out-of-this-world story with a bluegrass angle... Research into the melting points of diamonds has suggested that remote planets may indeed sport what Jimmy Martin sang about in the 1950s - an Ocean Of Diamonds. It seems that a mass

  • Separated at birth – part 2

    Last month, we published a post called Separated at birth? which highlighted the similarities between a number of bluegrass stars and other celebrities. We received a number of suggestions from you, our readers, for other bluegrass/celebrity look-a-likes. We've finally tracked

  • Martin family squable hits the news

    The unpleasant infighting among the children of Jimmy Martin over his estate, an open secret for years within the bluegrass community, has hit the mainstream media. The Tennessean, Nashville's hometown newspaper, has published a story on the ongoing legal battle over

  • A new King of Bluegrass?

    Brian Baker, writing for CityBeat Cincinnati, recently suggested that we coronate a new King of Bluegrass. His suggestion as to who should wear the crown? Ralph Stanley. His reasoning for recognizing Stanley is certainly sound, but his premise is wrong. If Monroe was

  • Chris Warner is Back Again

    Banjo players - and fans of Jimmy Martin - know Chris Warner for his driving style and hard hitting approach to the five string. Chris worked twice for Martin as a member of his Sunny Mountain Boys, from 1967-69, and

  • Vernon Derrick RIP

    Veteran fiddle and mandolin player Vernon Derrick passed away on Friday morning (1/4) at the age of 74. He performed with both The Stanley Brothers and Jimmy Martin during the 1960s after gaining some exposure during a brief stint with Flatt