• The Toolbox from Jason Barie

    Billy Blue Records has a new single from fiddlin' Jason Barie, also known on his recorded projects as The Ramblin' Fiddler. We see him mostly these days performing with Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, but Jason is a recording

  • Radioactive – Jason Barie

    Jason Barie's 2019 release, Pieces, was highly regarded by bluegrass fans for its all-star guests, along with material that was firmly rooted in traditional stylings. Barie's latest effort Radioactive successfully repeats that formula, but with an arguably stronger song selection than the previous project. The recording opens

  • Honor Your Superhero with Jason Barie

    Do you know what today is? It's National Superhero Day, when we are encouraged to honor superheroes, both real and fictional. Young and old, we can most of us remember having a favorite comic book hero, be it Superman, Wonder

  • Pieces – Jason Barie

    First… a bit of background… According to his website, Jason Barie grew up in Florida, picked up his first fiddle at the age of 10, took classical music lessons beginning in the fifth grade, learned to play bluegrass at a local music

  • Pieces – Jason Barie

    Credit Jason Barie, who operates here under the guise of The Ramblin’ Fiddler, for assembling a most impressive collection of singers and musicians for an album that pays homage to the origins of bluegrass and Americana music in general. Barie’s