• James Alan Shelton hospitalized

    James Alan Shelton, long-time guitarist with Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys, has been hospitalized in Tennessee. He shared the following statement about his condition. Folks, I have not had a chance to explain to you what is going on with

  • George Shuffler laid to rest

    This report (and photos) from George Shuffler's funeral service yesterday comes from Becky Johnson, host of The Bluegrass Breakdown Show. It airs Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. (ET) at wcomfm.org. The sun was bright and the skies a dark Carolina blue as I made

  • The Big 2-0 for James Alan Shelton

    James Alan Shelton is coming up on a major milestone, marking 20 years as a member of Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys. In a time when few bands last two decades, this is something to really be proud

  • Myron Dillman passes

    Myron Dillman, 79, of Peru, Indiana, the father of Dwight Dillman, owner and operator of the Bean Blossom Bluegrass festivals, passed away on Sunday, November 3, while in St Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis. He was born on 17 June, 1934. He had

  • Shelton Straps – How They’re Made

    While it would be nice if life could consist of all bluegrass, all the time, that's definitely not the reality for most musicians. In their off time, many bluegrass musicians have other careers, often somehow related to the music business.

  • Echoes of the Blue Ridge and ACMA

    Due in part to the pivotal town of Bristol, northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia have long been known as one of the locations where traditional country music was founded. Bristol, the location of the 1927 recording sessions which put The