• A Life of Sorrow – a video vignette

    We've written several times of late about Gary Reid and his one-man show telling the life story of Carter Stanley, A Life of Sorrow – the Life and Times of Carter Stanley. Gary has spent several years writing the play,

  • The Music of The Stanley Brothers

    Though it's not actually scheduled for release until next year (which is later this week!), Gary Reid tells us that he has received an initial consignment of his new book, The Music of The Stanley Brothers, from University of Illinois

  • Gary Reid is Carter Stanley

    Gary Reid has long had a reputation as a serious student of The Stanley Brothers. Having written the liner notes for several CD editions of Stanley music, both Carter and Ralph's and Ralph's alone, his name is closely associated with theirs. He's also

  • Dick Freeland Remembered

    We have collected some memories from a few people who knew Dick Freeland well. Long-time Bluegrass Unlimited contributor, Walt Saunders (he writes the column Notes and Queries) remembers Dick Freeland ……… I first met Dick Freeland in 1966. He was not only

  • On This Day #23 – Carter Stanley passes

    On This Day ....... On December 1, 1966, Carter Stanley passed away in Bristol Memorial Hospital, Bristol, Tennessee. He was just 41 years old. Carter Stanley, guitarist and lead singer in the Stanley Brothers band, was born at Big Spraddle Creek, Dickenson

  • A Year-Long Treat

    At this time when competition for your dollar bills is relentless, promotional tools are becoming all the more innovative. And bluegrass music is no different. Two years ago the Bluegrass Calendar offered access to some audio clips, one for each month of the

  • Gary Reid and The Stanley Brothers

    I had a chance yesterday to catch up with Gary Reid, known to bluegrass lovers as an award-winning writer and owner/operator of Copper Creek Records. With the marked decrease in sales of recorded music this past few years, Gary tells

  • Gary Reid on Leadership Bluegrass

    Here's one last piece on IBMA's 2010 Leadership Bluegrass, this time from Gary Reid. Gary has spent a lifetime in service to bluegrass music, working first at Rebel Records and then with his own label, Copper Creek Records. He has also