• Bill Evans and the History of the Banjo

    West coast banjoist extraordinaire Bill Evans shared this video he shot for the folks at The Fretboard Journal back in January of this year, which is only just now available online. In it, Bill offers a short history of our beloved

  • Three from ’37

    The folks at Fretboard Journal posted this video shot during Wintergrass 2012 at their jam suite in the hotel. As it happened, a trio of 75 year old steel string flattop guitars wandered in while the incomparable Kenny Smith was hanging

  • Spann’s Guide To Gibson 1902-1941

    Next month will see the publication of a new book sure to be of interest to those interested in vintage Gibson instruments: Spann's Guide To Gibson 1902-1941. The 296 page book is a guide to Gibson guitars, mandolins, and banjos manufactured

  • Tone Balls

    No, a Tone Ball isn't some new invention to help improve the tone of your instrument. A Tone Ball is merely a fancy name for the dust bunnies that tend to collect inside guitar bodies. Fretboard Journal ran a story about

  • Roland White on Fretboard Journal talk radio

    Fretboard Journal magazine's online talk radio show last week featured a lengthy interview with Roland White. They talk about both he and brother Clarence's music careers and about the new Clarence White instructional book/CD package that Roland has recently published. Clarence and

  • Fretboard Journal Radio

    The editors of Fretboard Journal are trying their hand at internet radio. They've recently launched Fretboard Journal BlogTalkRadio. The show is hosted by the editors of the magazine and will air live every Friday at 1PM PST. Each episode will be

  • Chris Thile in Fretboard Journal

    The Summer 2008 issue of The Fretboard Journal is set to be mailed to subscribers next week, with a cover feature on Chris Thile. The piece is an interview, conducted by fellow mandolin trailblazer David Grisman, who graced the cover

  • Fretboard Journal #7 – Earl Scruggs

    The fall 2007 edition of Fretboard Journal is in the mail to subscribers and will soon be available at music dealers and Barnes & Noble. This edition features a cover story on banjo master Earl Scruggs. The story is appropriately titled

  • Top 10 Uncle Dave list

    When you hear "Dave" and "Top 10" in the same sentence, most Americans immediately think of late night TV. Precious few of us would think... Uncle Dave Macon. But that is exactly what The Murfreesboro Post did, publishing The Top 10