Spann’s Guide To Gibson 1902-1941

Spann's Guide To Gibson 1902-1941

Next month will see the publication of a new book sure to be of interest to those interested in vintage Gibson instruments: Spann’s Guide To Gibson 1902-1941.

The 296 page book is a guide to Gibson guitars, mandolins, and banjos manufactured between the dates of 1902 and 1941. It’s more than just that, though. It’s a comprehensive history of the Gibson Kalamazoo factory prior to World War II. Author Joe Spann interviewed still living employees who built these instruments. Spann did an incredible amount of research on the inner workings of the factory. He explains where the raw materials came from, identifies parts vendors, explores the pre-World War II factory order number and serial number systems. He even uncovered new photos and information about famed luthier, Lloyd Loar.

You can get a preview of the contents by listening to a half hour interview with the author conducted by Fretboard Journal publisher Jason Verlinde.

Spann’s Guide To Gibson 1902-1941 (Softcover Book) is currently available for pre-order at for $40.

HT: Bluegrass Ireland Blog