• Peaceful Bend Americana Music Fest

    The Peaceful Bend Americana Music Fest took place last weekend, outside St. Louis, MO. Due to other commitments, I wasn't able to attend the entire weekend, but I was on hand for the opening ceremonies on Thursday evening. The festival is

  • Picking at Peaceful Bend

    Flatpicking Guitar Magazine has committed to capturing performances by today's top practitioners of the flatpicking art, and bringing those performances to guitar players everywhere via DVD. Over the last several years they have put forth a number of such DVDs. Each

  • Flatpicking Styles from FGM Digital

    The folks at Flatpicking Guitar magazine have released a new compilation series taken from the first 12 years of the publication's archives. When the back issues began to go out of print, publisher Dan Miller decided to start offering the content

  • Flatpicking Guitar Magazine – free download

    A while back we told you about the new e digital version of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. Publisher/Editor Dan Miller is now offering a free digital download of the Sept/Oct issue. The download includes both the digital magazine and the accompanying

  • Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Digital

    Flatpicking Guitar Magazine has entered the digital domain. The magazine has been producing a CD for many years now, to accompany each issue. But now the magazine content itself is being offered in digital form. Flatpickdigital.com offers subscribers the opportunity to

  • Social site for flatpickers

    The folks at Flatpicking Guitar magazine has launched a new web site which they call The Flatpicking Guitar Network. It is designed like popular social networking sites (MySpace, Face Book) and allows users to post their own photos, news and videos

  • The Americana Music Festival at Peaceful Bend

    This year marks the third annual Americana Music Festival at Peaceful Bend. The festival takes place May 15-18 in Steelville, MO. It's going to be flatpick central for four days. The festival takes place on the grounds of the Peaceful Bend

  • Flatpicker Fuel

    Our good friend Brad Davis is one of those super fast flatpickers that leaves you wondering, "How does he do that?" Well, Brad wrote in to share one of his secrets (besides insane talent, and lots of practice). The secret

  • Two new CDs from Flatpicking Guitar

    Flatpicking Guitar Records has two new CD releases which you may want to consider when contemplating gifts for your favorite flatpicker - or flatpicking fan. Plaidgrass is a band whose foundation concept is a mixture of Celtic music instrumentation with a

  • Fiery flatpicking on Guitarmageddon DVD

    Flatpicking Guitar Magazine has released their latest concert DVD, following the familiar theme of grouping popular flatpickers they have set with previous releases. Guitarmageddon, co-produced with SimpleFolk Productions, showcases three young flatpicking firebrands who have been making their presence felt in