Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Digital

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine - DigitalFlatpicking Guitar Magazine has entered the digital domain. The magazine has been producing a CD for many years now, to accompany each issue. But now the magazine content itself is being offered in digital form.

Flatpickdigital.com offers subscribers the opportunity to purchase an online subscription to either the print content (magazine), the audio content (CD), or both. The magazine is available for online viewing as jpg images, or as a pdf download. Similarly, the audio CD is available for download in mp3 format. Users may download the entire audio library for an issue, or only the tracks that interest them.

The subscription prices for the digital version are significantly less expensive than the traditional print subscription rates, especially for international subscribers. A single year of the magazine only is $20 online, $24 for the audio, or $42 for both.

If guitar is your thing, take a minute and check out the new Flatpickdigital.com