• Ernie Thacker back in the hospital

    We have posted many times over the past year about Ernie Thacker, and his battle to return home and to the stage after his serious auto accident in April 2006. Fortunately, most of the updates since them have been full

  • Ernie Thacker profiled in Lexington Herald

    The Lexington Herald ran a story yesterday about Ernie Thacker and how he has continued to perform despite his auto accident earlier this year. We've spoken about his accident and recovery before here on Bluegrass Today and we're glad to

  • Ernie Thacker home at last

    This may not be news to those friends of Ernie Thacker who have been closely following his recovery from multiple injuries following his automobile accident this past April, but it will be a welcome announcement for any who missed it. Ernie

  • Ernie Thacker show reaps benefits

    David Russell with The Bluegrass Journal reports that this past weekend's benefit concert for Ernie Thacker was a great success. It was held in Flat Rock, MI. The show kicked off at 2:00 PM and carried on through to 9:00 PM.

  • Debut project from Tresa Jordan

    Tresa Jordan is the name of a new CD project from this bluegrass and country singer/songwriter, just released on South River Road Records. A debut single, I Turn To Country, has been promoted in recent weeks to country radio, and

  • Bell Buckle Music Cruise

    More cruise offerings for bluegrass folks. This one is the Bell Buckle Music Cruise sailing to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas on Carnival Cruise Line's Sensation. The dates for this cruise are February 4 - 8, 2007. The line up

  • Ernie Thacker health update – 7/14/06

    Back in April of this year we brought you the sad news of Ernie Thacker's automobile accident. From time to time since then we have reported back on his condition. Here's another update that we just received from David Russell

  • A note from Ernie Thacker

    We just heard from David Russell with The Bluegrass Journal, who shared a note he had received from Ernie Thacker. Regular readers of Bluegrass Today have surely noted that Ernie was seriously injured in an auto accident back in April,

  • Ernie Thacker Update

    We just received another another update on Ernie Thackers health. This one came from David Russell. You can find the other posts about this here. Saturday, May 14, 2006 An update from the family Ernie's condition is improving. He is still listed in

  • Ernie Thacker update in WV paper

    The Herald Dispatch in Huntington, WV has a detailed story in this morning's edition about Ernie Thacker's recent auto accident, which we had briefly outlined in a series of earlier posts. The Herald Dispatch article has information about a number