Ernie Thacker health update – 7/14/06

Back in April of this year we brought you the sad news of Ernie Thacker’s automobile accident. From time to time since then we have reported back on his condition. Here’s another update that we just received from David Russell at The Bluegrass Journal.

He’s doing a little better each day but he’s still in a whole lot of hurt. He’s undergone several operations to repair things like a dislocated elbow and his diaphragm. His lungs are getting stronger, and the last we heard they were weaning him off the respirator so he can breath on his own. Ernie did contact me and said that he was working (from his hospital bed have you) on getting the mixing finished for a new CD he wants to get out the door.

I will let you know more as soon as we hear from him. Thanks

We ask that you remember to keep Ernie in your thoughts and prayers through this time of healing.

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